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Among the various fields YMA Wealth Management is currently involved in, our credit management services are inarguably our most successful forte.  Statistically speaking, nearly 30% of the entire American population has poor credit ratings—this is about 68 million people. A poor credit rating is one of the biggest concerns in the existing economic climate.  Rising debt levels and increasing economic disparity is sidelining more.

Masters Credit Consultants is a subsidiary of the YMA Wealth Management Group that helps people improve their credit ratings and devises strategies to ensure long-term financial stability. Our credit analysts are widely recognized as some of the best credit experts in the industry, each with years of experience and numerous qualifications to help you improve your credit profile.


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Services Offered at Masters Credit Consultants

Masters Credit Consultants was created to help tackle the problem with the large number of consumers with low credit ratings across the entire country.

Many people currently mired in debt do not understand the ways they can improve their credit histories to get better terms on future loans. With their abysmal credit ratings, they find themselves taking on more loans at unfavorable terms and find themselves marginalized from financial services that they have all the rights to access.

To help improve their credit history, Masters Credit Consultants offers the following services:

  • Credit analysis
  • Credit repair and building services
  • Special discounts for couples and military veterans/retired/active duty

Credit Analysis Services

The first step to devising a sustainable and effective credit repair strategy is acquiring your entire credit records. We create detailed credit analysis reports to identify payment and spending patterns, possible mistakes in your credit history and use this information to devise your credit repair strategy.

Credit Repair Services

Our analysts and advisors then lay down a long-term credit management plan to help you catch up with your debt and improve your credit scores. We provide guidance on new methods to build your credit with easy payment plans to increase your credit scores, negotiate on your behalf to get you better terms on loans and teach you the ways that you can avoid lowering your credit scores.

Discounts for Veterans and Active Duty Military

We also offer a 50% discount on our credit repair services for the first month to all military veterans, active duty military, and retirees in honor of their service and sacrifice for the country.

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