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Initial capital and astute financial management are two fundamental components of a successful start-up. While product development and great management play a major role in the sustainability and growth of your business, a shocking 55% of all new businesses face financial problems that force them out of the market. The most common of these concerns include:
  • Lack of funding
  • Pricing and costing issues
  • Financial Management Skills
This comes as no surprise considering the increasingly competitive nature of the start-up culture in the United States that only a few businesses can keep up with. All entrepreneurs have to work in overcrowded financial sectors that are flooded with thousands of new businesses, every single day. With information gaps, lack of long-term financial strategies and cash flow plans—it’s unlikely that anyone can succeed in the modern small-business industry. YMA Financial is a premium business consulting firm, specializing in business advising services for SMBs in the US. We are a team of experienced financial analysts with years of experience helping our clients develop their businesses through sound advice.
YMA financial

What Do We Offer?

Things have changed since Silicon Valley showed up on the start-up scene and the venture capitalism craze seemed to have infected all angel investors in the country. In recent years, we find that investors are looking for stable and sustainable financial plans before injecting capital into your ideas.

Before you can go asking for investments, you need to have completed all of the research to present a viable case for the returns generated by your business. As someone looking for funding, you’ll need accurate sales and growth projections, tax management plans and cash flow predictions, to convince possible investors to inject capital into your startup.

YMA Financial LLC helps startups, business owners, and entrepreneurs begin their ventures and grow their dreams. The company does everything from corporate business and nonprofit structuring, business credit, business funding, marketing, and management.

  • Business Analyst Services— Our team will listen to your ideas and create a full comprehensive plan to launch your startup or grow your current business.
  • Capital Advisory Services— We will prepare sound financial plans and projections to improve your case as you present it to potential investors.
  • Financial Management Services— Our analysts will strive to improve your existing financial processes, tax strategies and revenue management strategies to make the most of your money.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our services or to hire us as your business finance managers in the United States.

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