YMA Construction and Hauling

Since inception, the YMA Wealth Management Group has continuously grown to establish itself as a self-sustaining conglomerate where each component supplements all others. In the process of creating a self-subsisting entity, we have brought under management numerous organizations that work together to achieve the goals of YMA Wealth Management and each of the subsidiaries’ underlying objectives.

YMA Construction and Hauling works in collaboration with the Pyramid Group with Keller Williams to offer an end-to-end solution to consumers and developers alike. While the Pyramid Group engages in real estate sales, YMA Construction and Hauling assists with property development at the later stage of the real estate value chain. It gives an opportunity for the agents who work with the Pyramid Group to offer a complete solution to clients in the B2B and B2C real estate markets.


The Objectives of YMA Construction and Hauling

At YMA Wealth Management Group, we recognize the importance of production scales and the need to resolve internal inefficiencies. YMA Construction and Hauling was initiated keeping in mind the need to present cost-efficient and rapid solutions to property development concerns, under the guidance of leading stakeholders in the financial and real estate sectors.

Through YMA Construction and Hauling, we have enabled a swift resolution for the logistical and financial concerns in real estate throughout the Upstate of South Carolina. Employing the resources available to other constituents of the conglomerate, we have created an efficient solution development solution while increasing access to employment opportunities to the members of our community. With easy access to resources, our robust network within the umbrella of the YMA Wealth Management Group, we have created a system that fosters innovation and cooperation such that it benefits the people and the YMA Wealth Management Group as well.

Inspired by the need for greater cooperation and interconnectivity between various participants in the real estate industry, we realized that YMA Construction and Hauling could significantly improve service provision in the sector. Therefore, through the work of YMA Wealth Management Group, the Pyramid Group with Keller Williams and YMA Construction and Hauling, we are creating greater market access and better service provision—which ultimately empowers those working with YMA.

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