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YMA Clothing is one of the tenure commercial entities that form a core component of the YMA Wealth Management Group. The clothing company was founded in 2007, with a focus on the younger generation—delivering a communal message that encourages the youth to strive for success. Since then, YMA Clothing has become a national sensation and is gaining more followers throughout the world for its innovative designs and high-quality fabrics.

Branding with a Message

The inspiration for YMA Clothing came from an organization-wide value system that believed, and continues to do so, in the potential of the youth to bring a change to the community. Geared towards empowering the youth, instilling them with confidence and a drive to succeed, YMA Clothing has always tried to inspire the younger generation to continue to strive for success.

This pursuit of consistent hard work and excellence is equally as apparent in our brand as it was during its earlier days. In many ways, YMA Clothing is the preceding manifestation of the values of the YMA Wealth Management Group—which include diversity, positivity and ambition. With these values, YMA Clothing is a brand that looks to contribute to the community by enhancing the self-esteem of those who choose our line of clothing.

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YMA Clothing as Part of the YMA Wealth Management Group

YMA Clothing is one of the original business entities managed by the YMA Wealth Management Group. The clothing company and its signifying background is widely considered as the benchmark of entrepreneurial success throughout the region. Founded by Joseph Wallace, who is also one of the leaders of the YMA Wealth Management Group, YMA Clothing is one of the avenues through which we give back to the community.


The unique fashion designs outlined on the sportwear and streetwear collection celebrates the passion of winning in life. YMA Clothing urban tees deliver graphic based life experiences to motivate and drive the younger generation of wearers to push to achieve their goals. The brand has been visually worn by celebrities, musicians and entertainers, famous athletes, and during TV Shows (Love & Hip Hop). Over the last decade the brand has expanded its line into swimwear, skate apparel, athletic wear, and accessories.

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