50 Business Ideas for Teens

50 Business Ideas for Teens

Want to start a new business as a young entrepreneur but not sure what to do?

The good news is, there are different opportunities to become a young entrepreneur and build an innovative product and service in this line of work. Entrepreneurial spirit does not discriminate by age and neither does success. Various entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban began their businesses before they got 18. Being a teen is a good time to begin a small venture. Do you know some of the famous billionaires began their business as a teen?

For instance, Bill Gates began Microsoft in 1975 at the age of 20, Steve Jobs co-founded Apple at 21 in 1976, and Zuckerberg founded Facebook at the age of 19 in 2004. These are sufficient to get inspiration to start a business as a teenager. Being a teenager is not an excuse for not making money from the skills you have. As a result, there are loads of teens in the US and in other world’s parts that have made their marks in the world of business and inventions. Nowadays, American teenagers are getting involved in business much more willingly than ever before. The reaction of teachers and parents is different. Few criticize this tendency, while others encourage it. And few teachers believe that students need to be more aware of the basics of business so that they can rely on their own knowledge. When you’re in school and college, you have to concentrate on getting as much knowledge and experience as possible. So, if your aim is to go into a business, you should learn how to leverage the resources you have.

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In college, you have an abundance of people with the same aims, clubs to join, and job fairs, etc. Grab a group of your friends and come up with entrepreneurship ideas together. Businesses require time to breathe and have the capital for investments. Beginning something on the side gives you the time to understand if the business has a chance for success all the while gaining experience in the business world. For starting any business, a teen entrepreneur needs to think about what he is best at, find out who his competitors are and what as well as why there is a need for his product and service. Even if a product and service belong to a good niche in the market, there are other companies providing something the same, or there are other ways to meet the requirements of customers.

For teenage businesses to succeed, it’s important to find out who can benefit from your product and service. The good you understand your customer, the faster your business will grow. If you don’t have sufficient money to begin your teenage entrepreneurship, your parents, guardians, other adults can help but make sure to have a brief description of how much money you require, how it’ll be spent, and how you intend to repay the debt. In other words, make a business strategy. If you want the business to reach a wider audience, then you’ll need to think about its promotion via the famous online channels. Additionally, to starting the official social media profiles for your startup project, consider building a website that’ll have explicit info about your business, and give you a chance to establish a good connection with your audience. There are loads of opportunities waiting for you to exploit and begin making money.

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Here are 50 profitable business ideas that a teenager who’s serious about making money from business can consider and he/she can choose from these ideas:


1. Academic Tutor

2. SAT/College Prep Tutor

3. Child Care

4. Handmade Shop Owner

5. Craft Fair Vendor

6. Affiliate Marketing

7. Aquarium Maintenance

8. Basket Weaving

9. Social Media Influencer

10. YouTube Personality

11. Podcaster

12. Blogger

13. Cake Decorator

14. Car Washing Service

15. House Cleaner

16. Laundry Service

17. Errand Service

18. Inventor

19. Lawn Care

20. Dog Walking

21. Housesitting

22. Tech Support

23. Computer Setup Service

24. Technology Tutor

25. Online Graphics Seller

26. Clothing Designer

27. T-shirt Designer

28. Greeting Card Maker

29. Recycling Service

30. Party Entertainer

31. Musician

32. Custom Portrait Artist

33. Pet Photographer

34. Event Photographer

35. Farmer’s Market Vendor

36. Delivery Service

37. Packing Service

38. Co-working Service

39. Graphic Designer

40. Web Designer

41. E-commerce Reseller

42. Proofreader

43. Videographer

44. Gift Basket Service

45. Scrapbooker

46. Snow Removal

47. Leaf Removal

48. Garage Sale Organizer

49. Holiday Decorator

50. Personal Shopper

51. Pet Cleanup Service

52. Zine Publisher

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