Know Your Leadership Style

Are you using a good leadership style that works great for your team?

Keep reading this article to know your leadership style and explore how to develop your signature style. At first glance, we can think that some leadership styles are good than others. The truth is that every leadership style has its place in a toolkit of a leader. A wise and good leader can flex from one style to another as per the situation.

When we lead for the first time, we can adopt a style of leadership that we have experienced from somebody else, or that we have heard or read about. If it looks to work, we will probably stick with it in impact, it becomes our style. But there are several approaches available to us, and a good leader is capable of adapt their style as per the situation and the people included. Here are some ways to find what type of leader you’re:

1. Know Your Personality Traits

The way you can understand the leader’s type is to evaluate your personality. Examine the dominant features of your personality as well as pay attention to how they emerge in work, friendship, and family environment.

2. Know Your Values

Values are yardsticks of behavior. They’re traits upon which reputations are built. People use values to gauge personalities, understand how a person thinks and assess the ways in which they’re being treated and perceived. Values can determine the people we can trust, how a person will react to a situation and who we will shoulder our future. When workers can’t recognize the core values of their leader, they aren’t more probably to feel suspicious of the leader’s capabilities; they are probably to mistrust that direction and agenda of the person.

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3. Identify Your Weaknesses

Leading by your strengths is not as efficient as you can think. To be the best leader, you have to be capable of understanding your weaknesses and learn how they’ll affect your leadership role. Once you know them, then you can use that knowledge for improving the leadership style you have.

4. Ask for Feedback

You can take various personality quizzes, but you will not know that what type of leader you’re without getting reviews from your team. Getting opinions of the colleague of your leadership style will give you valuable insight into behaviors you may have not picked up on otherwise.

5. Assess Your Ability to Delegate

Sometimes it is hard to let go. Business owners, this’s particularly true for leaders who have cradled a business from the starting point. However, a strong indicator of leadership lies in the ability of a person to entrust others with complicated details.

As you try to figure out what leader’s type, you’re and formulate a way to improve your leadership style, consider the tasks you can authorize to others. Areas that are outside of your wheelhouse, like social media management, web design, PR, SEO, are jobs that are well suited for other members of your team. Not will be leaving these jobs to others help you to concentrate your efforts but it will help you to establish a sense of trust amongst your team.

6. Observe Your Leaders

Most personalities of people are shaped by those who hold an influence over them. Primarily, these people are our parents and teachers; eventually, they’re leaders such as our bosses and managers. Whether we realize it or not, the traits of these influencers affect how we make decisions, behave under pressure, and address issues. As you try to figure out what leader’s type, you’re, take some time to think about the leaders in your life whose qualities are most like your own. You can always seek the 1 on 1 guidance with an experienced business coach.

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