Start The New Year Asking For A Raise

If you’re looking for a new year’s resolution that will have lasting effects, look no further than asking for raises. Whether your employer is receptive to the idea or not remains up in the air but knowing how and when (and why) make up half of any successful strategy so they might be worth considering before choosing which path forward suits best with what life has thrown our way this time around!

The New Year is around the corner, and who doesn’t want to start off their career with a bang? You can get an early lead by making a resolution – make sure you ask for that raise in 20202. If this sounds difficult or intimidating at all then we have some tips on how exactly it works!

Plan for the pitch

The right timing is crucial for asking someone to give you a raise. It’s important not just your personal timeline, but also that of the company and their ability to reward or monetarily compensate you at this time in regards as well-do some research on what they do before coming forward so it can be clear which way things are headed!

Have you considered how your manager will help to get you where you want in career? In order for them do this, they should know what is at the top of their goal list. This starts by having an ongoing dialogue with them about it early on so that both parties have time prepare and discuss possible next steps together before jumping right into negotiations or decisions which may affect those plans going forward.

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Asking for a raise can be difficult, but there are ways to make the process go as smoothly and quickly with minimal stress. For example, does your company have an established policy on raises or does it vary depending on an individual case-by-case basis?

Know your track record

One of the most important things you can do when asking for a raise, is to make note of your accomplishments. Why? When it’s time for them to decide how much money they want from each employee and which ones deserve more than others; if there are any doubts in their mind due those achievements being tough at times or not coming easy – this should settle everything straight away! It can also be an ongoing list throughout any given year so don’t forget about looking back over past work sometime during that same period too just because- who knows what might come up unexpectedly down chemist way.

When you ask for a raise, it’s important to think about more than just the money. You should also be thinking in terms of your performance goals and company high-level objectives; then consider everything that aligns with these targets—such as quantifiable achievements or responsibilities taken on outside job descriptions (and how well they were executed). Can we identify ways in which YOU went above & beyond? Have another new responsibility come up recently–one not listed on payroll pamphlets but still very much necessary if success is going down.

Have a defined number in mind for a raise

The best way to know how much of a raise you should ask for is research. Look at your organization’s current pay grades, and then look at the industry as well (if available). This kind of benchmarking data can help support your request even if it isn’t granted right away by management – remember that public websites are only one piece in understanding what compensation would be like!

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When figuring out how much to ask for, it’s important not to inflate your sum too high. Most raises come in around 3-5%. If you’re expecting a significant role change and are willing take the risk of being seen as unprofessional or out-of touch with company expectations; then asking slightly more than what you expected might be an appropriate negotiating technique. Just make sure know if this route would work well before going down!

Go for it!

Now is the time to ask for that raise! Whether you do so at the start of next year or a few months down the line, deciding on getting what’s rightfully yours might just help make your professional life more fulfilling.


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