When should I hire a wealth manager?

Wealth Management: Do You Need A Wealth Manager?

Wealth managers can help you navigate the financial world more easily and with greater understanding.
The idea of using one might not make sense if your net worth is less than $250,000 but when combined together these professionals will be able to offer their expertise in all aspects from investment strategies down to tax planning which could potentially save time or money depending upon how it’s used!

You should look for an advisor who works in your best interest, and is a fiduciary.

They will be able to provide you with honest advice without any conflicts of interest because it’s the law that requires them to put YOUR interests ahead of their own – legally or ethically!

Your goals are your keys to a secure retirement.

This is why it’s important that you find the right wealth manager for yourself, who can help define what’s best in accordance with these desires and needs of yours.

Your investment style.

The way you manage your wealth is a bit more complex than just deciding what’s best for the long term. Your investment style relates to both how much and when, while goals are very different in that they focus on achieving something specific like increasing cash flow or building an emergency fund instead of investing purely outperformance-wise (although some people may do this).


YMA Wealth Management provides a team-based approach to help clients achieve their financial goals. Senior wealth managers, as well as administrators, work with you one on one throughout the process and also collaborate regularly with other members of staff such as our Chief Investment Officer & Planning Director for advice that best suits your needs.

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